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Harlan D. Mitchell was born and raised in Limestone County, Alabama, where he served with the Athens Police Department as not only a patrol officer but a K-9 officer for twelve years. His legal experience also stems from him attending Athens State College for his B.S. and a law degree from Birmingham School of Law. During his time at the Firm of Beddow, Eerben & Bowen, P.A., he participated in the representation of numerous high-profile white collar trials in federal court and many high-profile cases in both state and federal courts. He then continued his work with Mitchell & Graham, P.C. where he served as senior partner from 1997 to 2010. Since then, Mitchell has brought his legal expertise to the private sector at Harlan D. Mitchell, Legal Services LLC, where he specializes in criminal defense and family law.

Traditional Litigation

Litigation is the traditional divorce process in which both parties hire attorneys to represent them in negotiations and court hearings as follows:

. Each attorney advocates positions based on the client’s personal wants, needs, and viewpoints.
. Parties communicate primarily through their attorneys regarding their positions, proposals, and counter-proposals.
. The process may involve a formal legal procedure known as “discovery” in order to obtain financial and other relevant information.
. Most litigation divorces are eventually settled, but only after spending substantial time, money, and emotion.
. Parties are often ultimately dissatisfied with the outcome and are likely to return to court to change the outcome or resolve disputes.


Our practice encourages clients to pursue mediation first because the goal is to enable both parties to reach agreements without the heavy financial and emotional burden of a court battle.

Mediation typically works as follows:

  • Both parties hire a neutral third party, the mediator, to assist them in reaching agreements regarding their divorce.
  • The mediator provides information about the divorce process and guides the discussion to help resolve issues.
  • Parties communicate directly to each other in the presence of the mediator.
  • Mediation works best when there is an equal knowledge of the party’s financial situations and a willingness to work together.


If you are considering divorce, contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options. Harlan Mitchell has helped hundreds of couples divorce amicably. We can offer you valuable legal representation and mediation services in determining property division, child custody and visitation rights, and spousal support issues.

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