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Top Athens Estate Planning Lawyers – Alabama. Harlan D Mitchell is an estate planning attorney in Athens, AL, a type of lawyer who understands the guidelines of getting your financial house in order -affairs in order -so you’re prepared for an incapacitating event’s eventual passing. Call us today to get the legal protections you need now before it’s too late, with over 30 years of continuing legal education and experience in estate and inheritance law. Have questions about elder law? We can help if you also have any questions about the process of probating. Estate. Attorney Harlan D Mitchell can help; schedule an appointment today with a Board Certified Specialist Estate Planning Attorney.

Want to Learn How to Preserve And Build Your Family’s Legacy With Your Will & Trust?

There are many legal strategies in estate planning in Athens; that you can take advantage of, including Asset Protection, revocable living trusts, wills, durable irrevocable trusts, and health care documents, including powers of attorneys.

Most people in Alabama do not have an estate plan, And without legal planning, their estate would be otherwise distributed after death according to Alabama’s intestacy laws. This may not be the ideal plan they would have wanted. A professional lawyer can help by adequately drafting estate plans that will replace the terms of Alabama’s estate plan laws with your trust. Thoughtful, Thorough Family Planning Is The Foundation For A Life Of Success! Start Today!

Protecting Assets

Your last will

Part of protecting your Estate Planning is called a last will and is just one piece of the details of a comprehensive estate plan in Athens. According to Alabama laws, if a person without a Will dies, they are said to have died “intestate,” and Alabama laws will determine whom and how and the person’s assets Resources will be distributed in AL. Some things to consider about personal wills:

    • A will set up by your lawyer does not help manage a person’s affairs & has no legal authority until after death or if the person is incapacitated, whether by injury or illness.
    • A will is a legal document created by your attorney, but it can’t help an estate avoid probate, so it is essentially an “admission ticket” to probate court.
    • All parents of minor children in AL should document their choice. A will set up by a lawyer is a great place to legally nominate and set up (or back-up parents) your minor children’s guardians if they are orphaned. It might be setting up a family battle royal If you leave this to chance. Your children could end up with the wrong guardians of your pre-selected choice. Inheritance Guidance and preplanning is Just One of the Benefits of Wealth Planning. Call Now. Types: Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Inheritance Planning, Wealth Guidance, Tax-Smart Investing.
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Our lawyer can set up trusts that can be complex and serve various personal legal, tax planning purposes, or investments. At the most basic level, trust in Athens is a legal entity in Limestone County with a minimum of three unique -parties interested-involved: the appointed trust-maker Athens, the (trust manager trustee), and the beneficiary. All three parties Often are represented by one person or a married couple. Depending on the situation,
Trusts can potentially protect property from Banks and provide someone to manage and invest property for the trust-maker(s) and the named beneficiaries. Another advantage of trust is the effect even if the trust-maker dies continuing or becomes incapacitated. Reach out to our Athens, Alabama, estate planning lawyer to find out if you and your family could benefit from establishing a trust.

AL Powers of Attorney, including Health Care Power of Attorney AL

An Athens lawyer can set up a power of attorney as requested, which is legal, giving another person through a document (the attorney-in-fact) the legal right (authorities) to do certain things. The papers will set out what abilities are transferred to the agent. A power of attorney may be very, very limited and specific or broad. All attorneys’ strengths terminate upon the death of the original maker and may end when the (principal) maker becomes (unable to make incapacitated or communicate decisions).

Health Care Power of Attorney AL

Advance Directives AL

An advance directive is a word used to describe documents that specify the type of personal care you and medical you would want should you lose the ability to make and communicate your own decisions in this ever-changing world. Your decision to retain the best lawyer for advance directives can specify to help create and share findings pre-made in advance according to your wishes prior for you. if, for example, you were in a hospital coma laying with no chance of recovery. A signed document hand-in-hand that goes with your advance directive, which is a legal authorization in AL to your medical providers to allow specified individuals to access your medical information. Without this authorization, your doctor may refuse to communicate with your hand-picked decision-maker.

Probate, Estate, and Trust Administration

How does probate work?

The duties fundamentally of a personal executor (also known as a “representative,” if female, or an “executrix,” if male) of an estate are the same as those of a trustee–protecting the assets and of the interests on behalf of its beneficiaries. One way to protect those assets and interests and, at the same time, help the probate process go smoothly is to have all of your ducks in a row and prepare for court as best you can. Read on for some important reminders about the probate process and how representatives can assist with the process.

What do I need to know about retaining a lawyer for a probate process in AL?

An estate planning lawyer in Athens can help you with a personal representative required in Alabama to prepare for and file an inventory and a list of debts owed to the estate if any exist. The timeframe for this necessary chore is set by statute and is 60 days after the appointment of the personal representative Inventory should have detailed all of the assets subject to probate and their value at the date of death. Purchases subject to probate are those that did not pass by operation of law or otherwise. It is appropriate to obtain an appraisal of these assets as well. The Inventory provides both creditors of the estate and potential beneficiaries an idea of the estate’s assets. There might be penalties and fines if the Inventory is filed late. Call Us. Huntsville Estate Planning Lawyer

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We will help you design a workable, understandable, completely personalized plan that gives you confidence that your goals and wishes for your legacy are fulfilled—service delivered with honesty, authenticity, and originality. We Can do all procedures remotely. Assist with bank accounts and selling real estate. We handle estates anywhere in the State of Alabama for out-of-state clients regularly.

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