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Take this into consideration before you create a will online

Take this into consideration before you create a will online

The most common document in an estate plan is the last will, and it is just one part of an integrated plan that will ensure your family stays out of the courtroom and out of any conflict should something happen to you.

Don’t think you can write your will by yourself; it will not benefit your family. Most likely, you have seen advertisements for services that claim you can quickly write your will – perhaps even while waiting in security at the airport. (Seriously, those ads are also in our Facebook feeds).

Consider that making your will yourself could cause more problems for your loved ones. You and your loved ones will need professional help to look at who you are, what you have, and what would happen to everyone you love in the event of a tragedy.

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The inevitable death is possible, but incapacity can occur before. These are not negotiable. You and your loved ones can tackle these matters head-on to help you live the best possible. If you don’t, your loved ones will be stuck with everything you didn’t want to deal with now. You may not see the critical aspects of what happens in the case of your death or incapacity. You may believe that a will suffices, but what you need to protect your family is a probate avoidance trust.

You may believe a will sufficiently protects your children. However, you might not need a complete Kids Protection Plan(r). Without it, your kids could be left in the hands of strangers, even temporarily. Get educated and empowered before you do anything.

Knowing what you have and being clear about what is required to protect your family from conflict and court and keep your assets safe from the state’s unclaimed property fund will help you create the right plan.

We can help you get started. Talk to your Family Lawyer. We can help you navigate the process to ensure your loved ones are safe and your wishes are respected.

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