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No in-person meeting is required. We are here to help. Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Do you have questions about probate and or estate planning? Attorney Harlan Mitchell is available to assist. Attorney Harlan Mitchell offers a complete range of will services, including review, revision, amendment, revoking, cancellation, and execution. I have the experience to provide practical and reliable advice on estate planning to clients from all walks of society. Make an appointment today | Call (256) 216-9884.

Top Alabama Estate Planning Attorney Drafts and Updating Wills

It can feel overwhelming to plan for your assets and property throughout a lifetime. And it can be hard to consider how you should care for your children if the unexpected happens. I want to make sure that people throughout Alabama, including the Athens area, have wills that they feel secure and confident in. I have experience with estates of all sizes and complexity levels and create clear and enforceable instructions conveying my clients’ intent.

Alabama attorney counselors provide comprehensive legacy instructions.

A mistake in the will’s drafting can lead to confusion before the court and conflict between your heirs. It is a good idea to consult a respected top-rated lawyer in Alabama to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Attorney Harlan Mitchell provides relevant and personal legal advice to help you draft valid wills.

Simple errors can make wills invalid, in whole or in part. The following are essential elements of a valid choice:

Intent — The testator (the person who creates the will) must intend for the document to be a last will & testament at the time it’s made. The testator must have a sound mind and understanding and freely create the will without coercion or undue influence.

Proper execution – A traditional will is written and signed by the testator. Often, a witness also confirms it.

Clear language – Any statement in a will that is unclear or open to interpretation can render it invalid.

A thorough attorney creates strategic plans to protect your loved ones.

You can make your last will to arrange for the distribution of your assets and finances, care for your children, and other wishes after your death. A choice is the only way to leave property to someone or an entity other than a family member, such as a spouse, friend, or charity. Our lawyer assists clients in the Alabama region in planning for their finances and property.

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Living will

You may have specific wishes for your child’s end-of-life care. You must have these discussions with them. A living will, for example, allows the child to choose when and how they would like life support to be removed. These are life-or-death decisions and should be documented in a living will. The medical power of attorney lets you make decisions about your child’s healthcare if they become incapacitated. A living will give you specific guidelines on how to handle their medical care at the end. A living will outline how the child wants medical decisions made for them. However, such power is only available if the child is diagnosed with a terminal illness. This usually means that they have less than six months to live.

Without a will, the court decides how your estate will be distributed. This might not reflect what you want. I can create straightforward, legal-sound wills that consider:

Your circumstances and concerns can change as your life changes. You should regularly review and update your will to ensure that it is current. I am able to advise you regarding your will based on your financial situation, marital status, and family situation. A top-rated lawyer in Alabama such as Harlan Mitchell can also add valid extensions (also known as codicils), which address changes in your outlook and state of affairs.

Property — The most asset a couple or individual has is usually their property. Instructions for all types of property can be included in wills, including homes, cars, art, and sentimental items.

Financial assets — You can account for a wide range of financial assets in your will. You have the option to choose how your wealth in stocks, bonds, and retirement plans should be divided among your beneficiaries.

Child guardianship — Your will gives you the ability to create contingency plans for your minor children’s care. This is particularly important if you are single, but couples should also think about who they want to care for their children in the event of a parent’s death. It is possible to decide in your will regarding the care of your pets.

Executor responsibility – You can put instructions in your will about who should oversee the distribution of your property and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Our Top-Rated Estate Planning Attorney in Alabama Can Help you Prepare for the Future.

Our Trusted Law Firm advises clients in Alabama on wills, trusts, and conservatorships.

A well-thought-out estate plan will help you protect your assets, finances, and health care. Do you want to maximize your inheritance to your heirs? Conserve your vacation home. Protect a child with special requirements? These and other questions will help you make the right decisions. These are some of the areas I might be able to assist you with:

1) Will you draft, execution, and review

2) Living trusts

3) Living wills

4) Powers of attorney

5) Gift and estate tax issues

6) Guardianships and conservatorships

7) Selecting the right executor

A thoughtful Alabama estate planning attorney handles wills and guardianships.

You can create an estate plan that includes instructions for how to distribute your property after you have passed. It also addresses how to handle decisions in the case you are unable to make them for yourself. You can count on me to help you with:

Wills — Your last will & testament allows you to make final wishes, distribute property, and provide care for your children. You can also leave property to someone or an entity through a will, if not your blood relatives.

Trusts — Trusts can be used to condition gifts or provide an allowance for beneficiaries. A living trust allows you to enjoy your property throughout your life and then transfer your wealth at your death, helping you avoid probate.

Advance directives — These directives let you clearly express your preferences for life-saving and medical treatment. These directives can include instructions regarding various matters, such as who should be your healthcare proxy (or power-of-attorney) if you become incapacitated. DNR orders can be included in advance directives.

Guardianships — If your minor children are under 18, it is essential to plan for their care should you or their other parent die. Although you can name a guardian through your will, the court must appoint them. You can ensure that your children feel loved and cared for by choosing a trustworthy, competent, and trustworthy guardian.

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