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DUI Attorney in Athens, AL

Recently, Alabama has instated harsher DUI laws with substantially increased penalties. If you have a drunk driving charge, you are facing serious consequences that will affect your family, employment, the standard of living, and your way of life—even if it is your first offense. Under Alabama law, there is no work permit or limited privilege driver’s license available during the suspension. You will not be legally permitted to operate a vehicle for any reason.

If convicted, the consequences of DUI are severe and long-lasting.
They can include:

1) Potential jail time
2) Mandatory license suspension or revocation
3) Substantial fines
4) Ignition interlock installation
5) Mandatory probation

When facing severe legal consequences like these, you need an equally aggressive defense on your side. With years of experience in defending those accused of DUI and over a decade of experience as a police officer, Harlan Mitchell knows how to thoroughly cross-examine police officers and successfully contest even the toughest prosecutors.

DUI cases are complex and technical as they require legal and scientific knowledge to evaluate evidence. Our professional legal representation in your DUI case involves communication with doctors, toxicologists, and other experts who can help our team expose weaknesses in the prosecution. You need competent legal help in examining evidence to find any tests that were falsely administered and assess complicated legal issues regarding your arrest. We examine all relevant evidence and every possible legal defense to create a strong case for you. Unless we can negotiate a plea deal to minimize consequences, we will aggressively try your case in court.

From the moment we meet, you can put your trust and confidence in us to fight for you. If you have been charged with a DUI, you need representation right away. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to explore your legal rights.

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